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(Dedicated to all those who were present, who are present and who will be present)
  • " TRY FOR GOD " now called " REACH THE GOD "is a non-profitable social organization. It is established in the year Jan ‘2010 with unique concepts related to all living beings with a motto of comfortable living without disturbing others in other words without disturbing the ecological balance. It’s Founder and Chairman is " SRINIVAAS SUMAN " a physically challenged person from Hyderabad, Telangana in India. Govt. Reg. No. 115 0f 2016.
  • " REACH THE GOD’S " main Aim and Target is to develop and bring awareness in all in knowing this below fact that “Every one should thank and praise the God for giving intelligent and thinking human life after taking several forms out of 84 lakh living creatures”. Now at least in his human life everyone should REACH THE GOD to re-unite with God again, which we have broken in our previous Life's.
  • It’s other objective is to create awareness of universal truth that the “GOD IS ONE” and he loves all and serves all without any discrimination. It is our duty to show our gratitude to the almighty and should live on his word (let it be any holy book) to Love all & to be happy.
  • The main motto of organization “REACH THE GOD” is to pray and try for the omnipotent and omnipresent. The living beings do not understand in all and the human beings alone are accorded the power to discriminate and enjoy the external peace, happiness (bliss showered by God).


  • " REACH THE GOD’S " one of the aim and target is to develop and encourage a thought in everyone to help all who is in need (whether it is financially or morally …etc.) -if not serve the needy (physically, mentally or through any other service) which fits the situation. If we are unable to neither help nor serve anyone, at least we should be able to pray for the well being of all. (Here no investment of money) being at a place wherever we are, but the prayer we do should come from our inner heart whether it is in your own words or else read the prayer supported by our organization.


  • Children and Youth are the main backbones of our future so, Parents and Teachers come forward to Learn and Teach about GOD to your children at the very young age and make them to learn and read the “ PRAYER HAS POWER – REACH THE GOD – PRAY FOR ALL ” which will be supplied to you in hard and soft copy. You start reading this prayers (morning and night) after due course when you find improvement in life, in terms of happiness, peace and unity with GOD, then you make a copy of this prayers and pass on to your friends and relatives with a message “ REACH THE GOD – PRAY FOR ALL ” makes life much happy than living for our selfish deeds.

" Workshop on GOD and Prayer + Personality Development "

  • Our organization decided to Teach and Educate Children related to God, Prayer and Personality development at free of cost either thru Online or Workshop / Seminar or Regular Class. We will train the interested people in our workshop and participated + eligible persons will be given workshop certificate on behalf of “REACH THE GOD” organization.

REACH THE GOD’S other aims and objectives are:

REACH THE GOD HELP ALL ~ SERVE ALL ~ PRAY FOR ALL (Govt. Reg. No. : 115/2016) ( Note : Our Organization is not related to any Religion / Caste / God.. It is a Non Profitable Organization . It works on Universal Thoughts / Concepts developed by Us…)
  1. We pray for comfortable living of all living beings (Plan is to do 24 hours Prayers but we will start with 2 Hrs daily) without disturbing Ecological balance.
  2. To create and develop awareness among all, to re-unite again with God in this Life which we have broken in our previous lives.
  3. To make everyone to know practically the universal truth that the “GOD IS ONE“ and that he loves all and serves all without discrimination.
  4. To teach and create awareness to kids below 7 years, pregnant ladies right from confirmation of Pregnancy about God, Prayer, Meditation, secrets of Life, and many more to record permanently in their Minds...etc.
  5. To construct a prayer house or to develop a place / atmosphere where everyone comes and pray for everyone – not for self or themselves.
  6. To give funds, helping hand & service to Genuine Organizations which are working for upliftment of Humanity,Society, human being.. etc.,
  7. To distribute the hard or soft copy of the “PRAYER HAS POWER ~  REACH THE GOD  ~  PRAY FOR ALL” to the entire world through different sources and methods with the help of Dedicated and Spiritual volunteers, Non Profitable Organizations & others.
  8. To conduct free workshops , seminars and Trainings related to “REACH THE GOD” online and offline. Issue Certificate to the eligible persons or volunteers to carry on our Organizations Aims and Objectives without misuse or commercial use.
  9. To develop and encourage a thought in everyone to help all who are in need and to serve the needy (Physically, Mentally or through any service) or at least to pray for the well-being of needy and all.
 And many more activities to do..which will be added from time to time depending upon the situation & demand… May God Bless all … Please visit our website & Send Prayers and Suggestions  : Reach The God

If interested to Donate  :

Account Name: REACH THE GOD,

AXIS BANK, Nallakunta Branch,  Hyderabad, India. 

A/c no. 916010011865200. ifsc code: UTIB0001381

Please contact Srinivaas Suman – Founder & Chairman - Whatsapp no. : +91 7396134001 NOTE: – We invite prayers on the subject “PRAYER HAS POWER - REACH THE GOD - PRAY FOR  ALL” in 500 words & more  to the mail Id: or How the Prayer should be means :  after reading it “tear should flow from eyes, the hair on the body should become erect and the heart should be full of peace & happiness – which we never felt before at any time. The prayer should be written from the inner heart and everyone should read it with open mind &heart, then only the above miracles will happen with God’s  Grace. May God Bless all.
                      So let us come together for this universal cause (Peace and Prosperity) and help the organization in whatever way it is feasible

One should know what is LIFE..?

                                                       L = Life is always learning about GOD.
                                                       I = Identifying the GOD
                                                       F = Faith on GOD
                                                       E = Entering the gates of the almighty.

     Everyone’s Goal of their life should be re-uniting with GOD


* * * * *  G O D  I S  O N E  * * * * *    GOD SHOWERS HIS BLESSINGS UPON US ALL   * * * * *

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